Amethyst Crystal

Amethyst Crystal Meaning

Spirituality | Positive Transformation | Meditation

You are being urged to embrace your shadow side. Take an inventory of all those aspects of yourself that you are afraid to show the world because you perceive them to be bad or inadequate. Meditate on these qualities. Acknowledge them, see how they serve both you and others, then love them, and bring them into your heart.

When you realize that every aspect of you serves a purpose, there will be no need to deny half of who you are. Just be yourself and understand that there is nothing in your life to fix. There are simply aspects of yourself yearning to be loved.

This is a time of profound change – a time of positive transformation which will have a lasting impact on every area of your life, and to some degree, those around you. – Tony Carmine Salerno

Amethyst Crystal Meaning:

Amethyst crystals are generally one of the first gems people are attracted to when beginning their crystal healing journey. This doesn’t come as much of a surprise since amethyst healing properties have been valued for thousands of years.

As early as 25,000 B.C, the Neolithic people in Europe and the ancient Egyptians prized it for its beauty and legendary energies.

Greek and Roman societies also placed a high value on the Amethyst healing powers. It has long been considered a gemstone of royalty, being used in the crowns, scepters, and rings of bishops.

Amethyst is said to have been the ninth stone in the breastplate of the high priest of Israel, and one of the ten stones upon which the names of the tribes of Israel were engraved. With all this rich history, there must be a reason so many ancient civilizations harnessed the properties of Amethyst.

Meditate with Amethyst

Amethyst crystals are exceptional for providing spiritual protection, inner strength, and clarity of mind, making them a classic meditation tool.

Meditating with amethyst crystal can help you to become more in tune with your feelings, helping you to get to know yourself on a deeper level. It also stimulates the crown chakra and calms your thoughts, making it a powerful aid in meditation.

Relieve Stress and Relax

Amethyst healing properties also include acting as a natural form of stress relief. This crystal attracts positive energy while ridding your body of any negative emotions—feelings of stress, anxiety, fear, depression and more.

The healing properties of Amethyst help to clear your body’s energy field of all negative energies and influences, acting as an energetic shield that creates a bubble of spiritual light around your body.

Place Amethyst in Your Home

Aside from what they can do for your body, amethyst crystals are one of the most beneficial stones to have in your environment. Due to this, many pe

ople fill their homes with them—in their bedroom, living room, bathroom, car, office, meditation room etc.—so that the amethyst healing properties

These crystals work to purify any space of negative vibrations, emanating an energy ideal for you to thrive in. They help to clear the mind of unnecessary thoughts and clutter.constantly surround and protect them.

On a physical level, having amethyst crystals in your home is believed to help strengthen the immune system and heal any imbalances that lie in the body.

Amethyst Clusters & Geodes

Amethyst clusters and Amethyst geodes carry the strongest power to rid your home of negative energy, making them the best ones to fill your home with.

These crystals can be placed on your fireplace or your altar—somewhere central in your house so that the amethyst healing properties can radiate to every room.

Amethyst Clusters also make wonderful additions to a child’s room because of their gentle and soothing energy. Amethyst crystals are even thought to help people who have trouble falling asleep.

Placing an Amethyst cluster in your business is thought to attract abundance and bring new opportunities walking through the door.

Sources: The Book of Stones by Robert Simmons, Naisha Ahsian, Energy Muse for their contribution, and the wonderful Adam Barralet for his YouTube insights into Amethyst

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