Discover Your Purpose in 12 Easy Steps


When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier. – Roy Disney

If you seek greater meaning and purpose in your life, you’ve come to the right place! It’s my hope, that with our support, you too will give yourself permission to invest in yourself, your dreams & your future.



How Do You Fill Your Space?

Look around your home, your office, and any other physical environments where you spend time. You’ve naturally filled these spaces with things that represent what you highly value. Identify the objects that mean the most to you, and think about how they demonstrate your values.

For example; your living room might have books, magazines, or newspapers on topics that interest you; trophies and awards from sports or academics; posters or artwork that inspires you; or framed photos of your family, friends or partner.

Examine your surroundings and ask yourself how the objects you see reveal what you hold dear. What do you learn about yourself based on your possessions?

What you truly care about will be on display for you (and the world) to see.



How Do You Spend Your Time?

You make time for your highest values but tend to put off what is lowest. Observe how you currently carve up your day and note what you do and how long you do it. What do you spend the most amount of time on? What do you spend your time doing every chance you get?

A lot of people tell me (or themselves) that their highest value is something other than what it really is because of what they think it “should” be. Realise that just because something is seemingly important isn’t necessarily what you highly value. This doesn’t mean that you completely disregard it; it just may not be your TOP value.

Sometimes we put other people on pedestals and inject THEIR values onto OUR lives, we try to live according to who THEY are, instead of honoring OUR authentic self. Even if you don’t recognize this, you’ll still live according to your own higher values, but you’ll feel unfulfilled and uninspired because you’ll have unrealistic expectations.

Ask yourself how you actually allocate the hours of your day. What is so important that you make time for it every day because it fulfills you? And also note what comes in 2nd & 3rd.



How Do You Spend Your Energy?

When you do what you love, you feel energized and pumped. However, you feel tired whenever you’re doing something associated with a lower value because you can’t see how it helps you fulfill what is most important to you. Which activities and tasks do you have plenty of energy for? What makes you come alive?

Ask yourself: Where do I love to spend most of my energy during the day, week, or month? What do I love to focus on and pour myself into? When you’re doing what you love and loving what you do, you need less sleep and express more vitality. You consistently have the energy for your highest values.


How Do You Spend Your Money?

How you spend has nothing to do with how much money you make; it has everything to do with your priorities. Many people who have earned meager salaries still found ways to save and eventually amassed quite a bit of wealth. Likewise, many who have raked in millions, put away a little of it (purchasing houses, cars, yachts, clothes etc) did so because what they bought was connected to their highest values.

What do you do with your money? Do you spend it on clothes, education, or travel? Do you throw parties or buy rounds of drinks when you’re out? Do you save money so you can eventually attain specific things, such as a car or a house?



Where Are You Most Organised?

Your areas of highest value will be the most ordered parts of your life, containing little or no chaos. However, you need the motivation to get you to take care of your lower values, the areas where you are less organized.

What aspects of your life are you most organized? That is, where do things run smoothly, with the greatest amount of detail? These areas demonstrate that they are high values. Where you experience chaos and disorganization, however, reveals the areas that are low in your values hierarchy.


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Where Are You Most Disciplined?

You can easily focus on what you truly care about. Whenever you label yourself as someone who is undisciplined, unsettled, or flighty, you know that this indicates that what you’re doing isn’t something that ranks high in your hierarchy of values.

When you work toward achieving your genuine goals you’ll be naturally disciplined and enthusiastic!

Where are you most disciplined? That is, where do you show up and take action every time without fail? What can other people always count on you to do? Where are you consistently on-task and totally accountable?



What Do You Think About?

When something is a high value for you, it fills up time and space in your mind; in other words, you frequently think about what is most important to you. Your thoughts will always naturally drift to your highest values.

What do you think about most? when your mind wanders, where does it go? When you’re contemplative what do you see in your mind’s eye? The consistent long-term thoughts and musings indicate your highest values.


What Do You Visualise?

In your mind, you envision something for yourself. You have a dream about how you’d love your life to unfold, and you focus on it regularly. These images and real-life plans reveal what you care most about.

What do you imagine for yourself? What’s your vision? When you daydream about the future, what’s your recurring theme? Your visualizations express your highest values and what you’re most focused on bringing into reality.


How Do You Talk to Yourself?

You, like everyone else, engage in self-talk, words that have the ability to build you up or tear you down. Through both of these sides, you engage in an ongoing, internal dialogue regarding your highest values.

What do you talk to yourself about most? What is the subject or topic that pops up frequently during your internal dialogue?

Remember that what you talk about reflects what’s truly important to you and what you’d love to create more of or find a way to achieve.



What Do You Talk to Other People About?

When it comes to your highest values, you become extroverted. In other words, you love talking to other people about what inspires you. You may even notice a tendency to bring conversations around to the topics that matter most to you.

When you find someone who has similar values, you’ll often find that you can stay up late talking about your common interests. On the other hand, when you are conversing with someone whose values clash with yours, you might find that you both try to change the subject or even avoid chatting with one another.

When you meet someone new, what do you find yourself discussing? What conversations captivate you for the longest periods? What could you easily stay up all night talking about?



What Inspires You?

Throughout your life, you’ve had experiences that profoundly inspired you. They may have even been so moving that they brought tears to your eyes. Whether they’ve been initiated by others or yourself, and regardless of when they took place, these events opened your mind and heart to the possibilities of fulfilling what is truly most important in your life.

Often your heroes have been those who have demonstrated the values that hold the most meaning for you. Recall the moments or situations when you were deeply inspired, and look for commonalities among them. What is the theme? What truly inspires you? When you uncover this, you can determine what is highest on your list of values.



What Are Your Goals?

Take a moment right now and make a list of your current goals. What are you working toward? Think of the 7 Areas Of Life (see here) and where your objectives fit.

Consider what you would most like to be, do or have in your life. Which of your goals are most meaningful and important? What are your Top 3 goals for the future? What are the most consistent, long-term aspirations you’ve worked toward? Are they manifesting in your reality right now?



Post Highlights

  • You can discover your highest values by examining what you fill your space with; how you spend your time, energy, and money; where you’re most organized and disciplined; what you think about and visualize; what you talk to yourself and others about; what inspires you; and what your top goals are.
  • Your highest value will be the same as what you perceive as most “missing” in your life.
  • Your hierarchy of valued reflects what is truly important to you right now.
  • What you think your values are and what they actually are can be two very different things.
  • Your hierarchy of values will change throughout your life as you fulfill what is most important to you. You’ll never run out of voids or values.




Choose one of the following affirmations and repeat it to yourself with emotion every day for the next month:

  • I know what my highest values in life are and I appreciate and honor them.
  • I set goals according to my highest and most authentic values.
  • I fulfill my life by living in alignment with my highest values.
  • I live a meaningful and inspiring life.



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It’s my hope, that with our support, you too will give yourself permission to invest in yourself, your dreams & your future.

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