How To Discover Your Top 7 Values In Life

There is nothing absent or lacking. Everything is present, already in potential. – Lopon Tenzin Namdak

If you seek greater meaning and purpose in your life, you’ve come to the right place! It’s my hope, that with our support, you too will give yourself permission to invest in yourself, your dreams & your future.

What’s “Missing” in Your life?

Everyone lives by a set of priorities, a “hierarchy of values” determined by something that is perceived to be missing or unfulfilled. It could be a burning question you want to answer, a mystery you wish to solve, or a challenge you’d love to overcome

Whatever you believe is most missing in your life, becomes the most important, and the most valuable to you.

Tip; you spend the most time, money, and energy on your highest values. For example; if you have strong feelings about lacking financial wealth, then you’ll spend a high percentage of your time, money and energy on finding ways to earn and save more money.

How We’re Inspired by What’s Missing?

Whenever you feel like your life is missing something, you may notice a strong desire to fill the void. Fulfillment means “the process of filling, or making full.” You fulfill your voids by either transforming how you see the world or through the actions you take.

You’ll go after whatever is highest on your values list and focus on achieving it. If something is a lower value, you probably won’t invest the time in seeking it because it’s just not as important to you.

Where We Experience Voids

  1. Spiritual (connection or cause)
  2. Mental (intellect or knowledge)
  3. Vocational (career success)
  4. Financial (wealth)
  5. Familial (relationships)
  6. Social (connections & friendships)
  7. Physical (well-being & vitality)

What Are Your Top 7 Values?

You’ll have more than one value that you’d love to work on, and some will be more important to you than others. In fact, by paying attention to what you’re actually doing with your time, attention, energy, and environment, you can rank these from most to least important.

Your “Values Hierarchy” determines how you perceive the world through your physical senses (your sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch) and how you respond the world around you. You make every single decision according to this hierarchy.

How Your Values Affect Your Decisions

You decide to be part of the activities and opportunities that you think will give you the greatest degree of fulfillment in your highest values and, therefore your life. And you also decide to turn down the activities and opportunities that you think will give you the least fulfillment in your highest values (and, therefore your life).

Living Life to Someone Else’s Values Hierarchy

When you live according to your lower values – working to satisfy someone else’s idea of what should be most important to you, you become uninspired and need continual outside motivation to stay focused on completing tasks. You feel dis-empowered, and life seems less meaningful. You sense that you’re off track or lacking purpose.

The Bliss of Living Life to Your Hierarchy

When you live according to your highest values, you become inspired, awakening your inner talents and hidden genius. You often feel expanded and fulfilled; and in these moments, your hierarchy of values dissolves. You realize that nothing is, was, or ever will be “missing.”

Motivation V’s Inspiration

The difference between motivation and inspiration is that motivation is required from the outside and is the lowest value, and inspiration comes from within and is the highest value. Living in alignment with your highest values is the key to experiencing greater degrees of fulfillment across all seven areas of your life.

You increase the likelihood of doing what you love and revealing your inspired destiny when you focus on your highest values. the more clearly you see what’s important to you, the easier you’re able to set goals. Living a purposeful life means having certainty and living in alignment with your highest priorities.


Choose one of the following affirmations and repeat it to yourself with emotion every day for the next month:

  • I know and honor my authentic values in life.
  • I make decisions according to my highest values.
  • My unconscious voids drive my conscious hierarchy of values
  • I am inspired from within as I live congruent with my highest values

Post Highlights

  • Your values are based on what you perceive as “missing” in your life.
  • Your values can be ranked in order of importance: this is known as your “hierarchy of values”.
  • You make every decision according to your hierarchy of values.
  • Your Highest values decide where you have the greatest amount of attention, long-term memory, focus, discipline, dedication, and inspiration.
  • Living congruent with your authentic hierarchy of values increases the likelihood of discovering your purpose and living a fulfilling and meaningful life.

My inspiration for this blog is heavily influenced by the work of Dr. John F Demartini and his book Inspired Destiny.

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It’s my hope, that with our support, you too will give yourself permission to invest in yourself, your dreams & your future.

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